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Crystal Candy Bracelet | Limited Edition Pinks

Crystal Candy Bracelet | Limited Edition Pinks

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Something pink to uplift you with warm happy vibes! Made from a mix of really special crystals that I don't often use. It's central charm is a Rhodochrosite star.

These pieces are limited and wont always be in my collection due to the rarity of the stones.

OPAL | Gleaming with iridescence and healing properties the opal is full of good energy, amplification and balance. It kickstarts imagination and creativity and also renews hopefulness and optimism. Opal can bring good luck to endeavours and attract amazing things yo us.

TOURMALINE | A stone for introspection, for taking time out to realign with yourself after a time of stress. It allows balance to rise, increases your awareness of patterns in your behaviour and encourages you to release criticism and regret. Once lifted it allows healing, spiritual expansion, connection and the unlocking of new ideas.

RHODOCHROSITE | An incredibly supportive, comforting crystal to keep close to you, it calms anxiety and holds your hand and encourages you to believe in your brilliant self, to move through life with confidence and courage. The joyfulness it instills in you will attract others to you and create beautiful meaningful connections with others. 

LABRADORITE | Enhances your creativity, helping beautiful ideas and solutions to problems come to you. It’s calming influence helps to calm a chaotic, erratic mind and encourages deeper introspection, helping you feel confident to go with your own flow. 

MOONSTONE | Moonstone is a wonderful companion when starting a new journey or undertaking. gently, it draws on feminine energy opening our intuitive gifts, helping you see what’s possible. If you're facing a challenge it will guide you towards a creative solution. With the cycles of the moon it brings an abundance of inspiration, wisdom and calm. 

The necklace is 18 inches.


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Materials + Sustainablity

Handmade in Northamptonshire by Clemmie, with crystals, silk and Sterling silver.

Made with natural irregular materials for for a little wabu-sabi imperfection. As its made with natural materials it may be very slightly different to the item pictured.

Read about my Sustainable Mission here.

Packaging + Wrapping

Items arrive all ready to gift, no prices are included. You can add a message for the recipient as you check out and also add premium gift wrapping.

All packaging is fully recyclable and sustainable.


I recommend treating your jewellery with care and avoid getting it wet. Keep pieces hung when not wearing them to avoid them getting tangled. If over time they need a little refresh you can send them to me for restringing here

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